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Testimonial for Gingko

At first I thought $4.99/month seemed too expensive for a notepad app.

What I found though, completely transformed the way I write, and the way I look at writing. Previously writing at any length was painful, headache inducing and just a frustrating experience of “What do I say” and “I know my stuff, why is this so difficult to put onto paper!?”. I can’t quite believe myself saying this, but I’m actually starting to enjoy writing.

Being able to get a sense of the whole text at a glance, while you’re writing a specific part allows me to write with all of the context. I no longer need to ask “What did I say there?”, it’s in front of me, or a few key-presses away.

Other benefits include:

  • Starting with the seed of an outline, and then fleshing it out from there is the most effortless way of writing I have ever encountered. This app takes this idea and makes it 3-4 times easier still.

  • Simple navigation allows me to jump and dive across the text as fast as the ideas flow.

  • No longer feeling scared by an empty page. I’m actually excited to get started because it’s so easy.

I would recommend the Gingko app wholeheartedly to anyone who is intimidated when writing large documents, as it’s completely changed my experience of writing from painful to enjoyable.

To finish off - a huge thank you to the creators of Gingko. I can now use a computer to write! I highly recommend you check it out at

(Previously I used a mixture of Word, Evernote, index cards and a whole empty floor, now I use Gingko for writing & Evernote for research)

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