The Lense


What I Stand For: A Moral Code of Action


I am wrong, and I am wrong often. I accept I have no monopoly on wisdom, but strive to see the world more clearly each day.

I strive to find the darkness of my blind-spots and open the curtains on them.


You can let me know all your problems, and ask for advice, but they won’t go outside my most trusted circle.

I will only consider sharing it when:

  • You openly share it with others and
  • I feel it appropriate


I will not demand; I will ask, and you can always say no.

But not when:

  • There is insufficient time to explain
  • Harm would be caused
  • We have a Consensual-Non-Consent agreement
  • In sex, I make (refusable) demands


I will hold others to standards I have made clear.

Helping others

When I listen deeply to another, have a sense for the deeper context and who that person is… I will then help.


  • Do no harm
  • In a way that fits them
  • To relieve their ailment (in mind or body)

But not:

  • Helping others with minor stress
  • Where I would hinder their growth
  • Providing “free” advice

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