The Lense

Target Focus

I had an epiphany today. A moment of truth. A kernel from deep down inside.

I am to become a Hypnotherapist. It is unusual for me to be so comfortable with it, yet it feels so right, so me.

For years I have used hypnosis and despaired for those who listen to the standard line.

I don’t wish to be a part of that line, I wish to be part of the growing number of health professionals who question what they are taught, and who envision their journey as one seeking truth.

There are many journeys, infinite maybe, but I hope life will be better. The challenges will be different, for I must meet each of my emotional needs in more than one way to foster a great healing relationship with my clients.

There will be challenges. I will adapt. I will overcome.

Today I had an epiphany, I am to become a Hypnotherapist.

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