The Lense


Welcome to The Lense.

The Lense is one mans attempt to get some clarity through the act of writing. You might notice Lens is mis-spelt, that’s because this isn’t meant to be polished, or perfect, simply just good enough.

Whether it’s any good for you is another matter… but even I find an occasional gem. I should mention, unlike some of my other writings, all posts here are safe for work. Feel free to read at your own pleasure, and if you enjoy something - feel free to share a quick blurb with friends.

Behind the scenes, this site is powered by a number of amazing people:

  • First the site is hosted & generated by Github Pages for free

  • Next, the DNS was setup with 2-clicks, through my amazingly simple DNS provider,

  • The best part, is the stellar theme Swiss by @broccolini

…and then there’s me, Andrew McAuley otherwise online as @am01264 doing all the writing.

I hope you enjoy the read.

This project is maintained by am01264