I can’t say how much you’ll enjoy these writings, nor can I say how much I’ll enjoy adding to them. But I’m sure if we can both find some gems in these, we’ll all be happy. I promise no quality, but I hope the ideas shine through.

Feel free to peruse or dive in to those writings that catch your eye.

With warm regards, Andrew


  • Weekend Development Fun

    I’ve just spent the better part of this weekend having fun with a new app called “Automate” for Android.

  • On Bringing Others Into Your Reality

    I was walking down a well trodden path, natures grasses and plants flowing in the wind… a keilidoscopic treasure trove of vivid purples, deep blue hues and a wonderful feeling of serenity. I felt deeply relaxed, and almost a part of the breeze itself.

  • Crashes In Life

    It all started with a conversation with a friendly taxi driver. I’d seen him before in a compact, luxury car and noticed this was quite a bit larger.

  • On Failure & Success

    Today, I’ve opened my eyes to a new way of seeing, that reminds me of the youthful exploration and sense of fun I once enjoyed.

  • Money Is Not A Motivator

    Is profit your motivator?.. or might there be something more fundamental?

  • Emotional Needs Audit

    Just like plants, we need nourishment and the right environment. For humans, that means food, water and more… but there are also emotional needs we have. When these are not met, we feel it.

  • The Power of a Curious Confidence

    Many years ago, I was a self-improvement junkie. I felt I had to be everything I could possibly be, or nothing. I measured myself against a standard no man could adopt for a day… let alone weeks or months.

  • Whats In A Word?

    The power of a good speech can rouse me, but an oustanding speech astounds me.

  • Effortless Form

    When you can forget about structure, form can take on a completely different meaning.

  • Removing Boulders

    Ever wandered what great feels like? An exercise in making an advert for wellness.

  • Target Focus

    I had an epiphany today. A moment of truth. A kernel from deep down inside.

  • On The Quality of Questions

    …and asking better questions

  • Ethos

    What I Stand For: A Moral Code of Action

  • Testimonial for Gingko

    At first I thought $4.99/month seemed too expensive for a notepad app.

    What I found though, completely transformed the way I write, and the way I look at writing. Previously writing at any length was painful, headache inducing and just a frustrating experience of “What do I say” and “I know my stuff, why is this so difficult to put onto paper!?”. I can’t quite believe myself saying this, but I’m actually starting to enjoy writing.

    Being able to get a sense of the whole text at a glance, while you’re writing a specific part allows me to write with all of the context. I no longer need to ask “What did I say there?”, it’s in front of me, or a few key-presses away.

    Other benefits include:

    • Starting with the seed of an outline, and then fleshing it out from there is the most effortless way of writing I have ever encountered. This app takes this idea and makes it 3-4 times easier still.

    • Simple navigation allows me to jump and dive across the text as fast as the ideas flow.

    • No longer feeling scared by an empty page. I’m actually excited to get started because it’s so easy.

    I would recommend the Gingko app wholeheartedly to anyone who is intimidated when writing large documents, as it’s completely changed my experience of writing from painful to enjoyable.

    To finish off - a huge thank you to the creators of Gingko. I can now use a computer to write! I highly recommend you check it out at gingkoapp.com.

    (Previously I used a mixture of Word, Evernote, index cards and a whole empty floor, now I use Gingko for writing & Evernote for research)

  • A Thank You Letter For The Hospital

    Dear DTC Team,

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