The Lense

Crashes In Life

It all started with a conversation with a friendly taxi driver. I’d seen him before in a compact, luxury car and noticed this was quite a bit larger.

He’d not long had a car crash. He knew who it was, and he’d had time to heal the physical… but I was curious.

“I can see that you’ve physically healed, but what about the emotional side of things?”

“Is it your specialty?”

“Yeah, I’ve studied psychology for years”

…and then he talked

  • He’d struggled for a few days just getting used to driving again
  • After that, he then tried passengers again
  • …and now, he says he’s very concerned about the safety of his passengers, especially young children.

…and then I told a story

“I have a couple of friends who are Schizophrenic, and one thing they taught me, was when you focus on the fear… it kind of loops on itself”

“But when you flip it, you can start to move forward”

“So instead of focusing on the fears of his passengers, he could maybe focus on protecting his passengers, knowing he’s a damn good driver”

He then told me a story about rejecting a hire, because they wanted to travel across Glasgow at 2am with drunken drivers oot and aboot. They had a newborn child, and he didn’t feel comfortable with it.

It was the end of a good journey and conversation, so I tipped him and wished him well… but as I closed the door, he cried out that he hoped I have a good weekend.

Somewhat lost in the moment, I didn’t think of my expression or demeanour, so with a thumbs up and a nod of the head, I walked back to my house.

But now I think, there was something I should’ve said - I felt his eyes longing for something. I wish I had told him, that he was okay, that his experience was completely normal and that from looking at him, and what he’s said, it’s sounds like he’s got back on his feet.

I’m writing this not because of his seeking more, but because I felt I missed an opportunity to acknowledge a fellow human and let them know that all is good and in this sometimes terrifying world… you are okay as you are.

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