The Lense

On Bringing Others Into Your Reality

I was walking down a well trodden path, natures grasses and plants flowing in the wind… a keilidoscopic treasure trove of vivid purples, deep blue hues and a wonderful feeling of serenity. I felt deeply relaxed, and almost a part of the breeze itself.

Alternatively, I had a nice walk today.

This last week I’ve been reading a book called “The Game” by Neil Strauss, and it’s brought to the forefront some of the qualities that make me, me. My yearnings, my learnings and some of my uniqueness.

Whilst I was caught up in the story, an idea took hold of my attention - bringing others into your reality. It grabbed my mind while I started walking today… and I realised my life has been described so beigely.

I have spoken to the voices of two thousand years ago, listened to the poetry of eastern mystics and attuned my mind to the psychology of the everyday. I feel variety, depth and emotion, I have a vividness of life in my veins… and when someone asks me what I did at the weekend, I’ll probably reply “nothing much”.

Probably becuase I assume they’re being polite. Probably because I feel in others eyes I don’t have much to show for it… I will also say it out of fear. Fear of rejection. Fear of invalidation.

I’m beginning to think that’s a dis-service. To pretend that all is ordinary in the face of the extra-ordinary gift that is life. If I can’t captivate you with my purchases or my actions, can I captivate you with the story of my experience?

I think so… and I also think sharing my reality pulls you into it. For a moment, for a story or maybe even a lifetime, something different will hold your attention.

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